Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures


Forage mixture of persistent species

M-Protéifauche is a forage mixture of persitent species - 4 years and more.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Highly productive and suitable mixture to various climate conditions ;
  • Forage of excellent nutritional quality ;
  • Long harvesting period and easy to dry:.

Why choose M-Proteifauche forage mixture?

Highly productive and suitable mixture to various climate conditions:

  • The grasses in the mixture secure the biomass yield, especially in cases of field heterogeneity. Good weed control.
  • The complementary dormancy levels of the three alfalfa varieties (with respective fall dormancy index of 6, 4, and 2) enable a high legume content in various climatic conditions.
  • The red clover aims to maintain a high legume content even in cases of field heterogeneity and less favorable conditions for alfalfa growth.

Forage of excellent nutritional quality:

  • The grasses, particularly the timothy and TENACE perennial ryegrass, contribute to providing high energy value to the forage.
  • The alfalfa varieties in the mixture have been bred for protein content and digestibility.

Long harvesting period and easy to dry:
The balance between grasses and legumes facilitates silage making if conditions do not allow hay production.

Seeds coating technologies

M-Protéifauche is also available with seeds coating technologies:

pré-inoculation de la luzerne SAS GOLD : rhizobium + nutrients cocktail : a ready-to-use product that maximizes the potential of alfalfa.

sas-stim SAS STIM : biostimulant to stimulate establishment and reinforce resistance to stress

Technologie sur semences SAS Start SAS START biostimulant to secure the establishment of forage grasses


This document is provided for information purpose only. Recommendations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices. The varieties included in the mix may change depending on the availabilities.

SAS GOLD: pre-inoculated seeds, coated with the strain Sinorhizobium meliloti - 2.5/3.10 E8 CFU/g
NITRAGIN GOLD - MA n°1150014 - No classification -
Ownship: NOVOZYMES A/S Krogshoejvej 36 2880 BAGSVAERD DENMARK.
RHIZOSEED - MA n° 1190518 - No classification - Ownship: CYBELE AGROCARE SAS 7 rue Aristide Briand 92 300 LEVALLOIS-PERRET FRANCE. Coating seeds with S.A.S GOLD contain 84% bare seeds and 16% coating solution.

SAS STIM: seeds with biostimulant to stimulate establishement and support stress tolerance
OSYR - MA n°108002 - No classification - Ownship: FRAYSSINET La Mothe 81 240 ROUAIROUX FRANCE.
Coating seeds with S.A.S STIM contain 70% bare seeds and 30% coating solution.

SAS START: seeds with biostimulant to improve establisment, yield and regrowth
NURSEED HC - MA n°1211087 - No classification - Ownship: FYTEKO 4 allée de la recherche 1070 BRUXELLES BELGIUM. SAS START coating does not modify the weight of the seeds.