Forage species


Perennial ryegrass

Highly productive in all seasons!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Remarkable annual production;
  • Healthy, excellent-quality foliage;
  • An early and abundant start to vegetation.

The benefits in detail

Remarkable annual production:

  • GALION offers remarkable forage production (109% vs. controls, i.e. +1.8 t M.S/ha/year) whatever the season, while maintaining very healthy forage throughout its cycle.

Healthy foliage of excellent quality:

  • GALION provides very healthy forage, resistant to helminthosporiosis (6.5) and rust (7.1).
  • Thanks to its high proportion of leaves and remarkable health, GALION is very well suited to grazing.

An early and abundant start to vegetation:

  • GALION is a late English ryegrass that produces a lot of foliage very early in the spring.
  • This very impressive vigour of growth, combined with late heading, means that it can be used very flexibly (over 60 days).


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