Forage species


Annual ryegrass

Annual rye grass
Abundance and quality for your catch crops!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very high production potential
  • Richness in leaves
  • Very healthy and persisting forage 
  • Perfect partner with legumines.

Benefits in detail

MIXY is an annual ryegrass with a short cycle, perfect to quickly replenish the forage stocks. Furthermore, this variety has been selected for is blights resistance and its high level of leaves = guarantee of a very high feed quality.

Very high production potential:

  • Ultra-quick when implanted, MIXY allows to replenish quality stocks.
  • As an early sowing at the end of the summer, MIXY will allow a first cut or grazing during the fall. 
  • Whether its a spring or a fall sowing, MIXY shows a high production potential (respectively 105% and 104% vs. reference)

Rich in leaves:

  • Selected for its many leaves, MIXY provides a palatable and good feed quality forage on all the cycles.

Very healthy and persisting forage:

  • MIXY ensures the success and the quality of your catch crops.
  • Indeed, it clearly stands out through its excellent resistance to blights (7.3) and xanthomonas (79%).

The perfect partner with legumes crops.
- MIXY is part of an innovative selection during which it has shown an excellent ability in combination with legumes, allowing them to reach their potential.
- Therefore, it will beneficially combine with some legumes such as the crimson clover, the Micheli clover, the vetches, etc.


Legal notices:
Scoring refers to registration trials performed in France. They range from 1 (very low) to 9 (very good).
2022 - this document is provided for information purpose only. Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.