Forage species


Berseem clover

The SPOT variety is an Alexandrian clover with very high yield potential.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very high yield potential
  • Improved forage quality in catch crops

The benefits in detail

SPOT is a variety with very high yield potential:

  • SPOT is a multi-cut Alexandria clover that stands out for its vigorous and abundant regrowth.
  • When it was registered, SPOT produced 6.9 t M.S/ha (120% compared with controls).

SPOT improves forage quality in catch crops:

  • SPOT maintains its presence in the mix thanks to its durability and disease tolerance (maximum score of 9 for sclerotinia and various diseases).
  • With SPOT, the benefits of Alexandria clover are guaranteed: better forage quality (protein levels, palatability) and reduced nitrogen effect for the following crop.

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