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Annual ryegrass

Early production to replenish stocks!
LIKOLOSS Italian ryegrass is particularly well suited to catch crops, silage and wraps. Its early harvest (from April) means that the following crop can be planted under optimum conditions.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Perfectly suited to catch crop mowing;
  • The champion of 1st cut productivity;
  • Very good disease resistance.

Benefits in detail

Perfect suitability for catch crop mowing:

  • LIKOLOSS harvests 10 to 15 days before conventional Italian ryegrass varieties.
  • Nitrogen fertiliser should therefore be applied early in the winter to encourage tillering.
  • This early application will allow the soil to be freed up early, without penalising the following crop.

Champion for its productivity in 1st cut:
Whatever the sowing date, LIKOLOSS gives very good production:

  • sown after the harvest for autumn use;
  • sown in the autumn or after silage maize for spring use;
  • sown in February/April for use in May/June.
  • What's more, LIKOLOSS is a diploid variety with a high dry matter content, making it quicker to dry out.

Very good disease resistance:

  • LIKOLOSS provides dense, excellent-quality foliage thanks to its very good resistance to rust.


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