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Meeting “About the seed drill” for maize seed production

Présentation de nouveaux semoirs

In February, a workshop has gathered some production farmers and Cérience production technicians around one topic — the success of maize seeding!

One of Cérience’s activities is seed production. The company relies on a network of more than 1,500 production farmers. Whatever the production, its success mainly lies in our ability to support the producers and to maintain a close relationship.

This support is materialised in particular by consulting meetings between the production farmers and their Cérience technicians. This was the case in February, during a workshop “About the seed drill” that took place on the farm of Les Montagnes à Maze-Milion (49).

This workshop was the opportunity to discuss the seeding step for maize seed production — this step is essential as it defines the quality of the coming harvest.

Many questions have been shared: concerning my seed drill, what are the wear parts I have to check every year? How to control the seed drill is in good condition? How to clean and adjust my microgranulator? What are the key points to get a successful seeding…

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