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Crop fodders expert hub near Bressuire (79)

RGA ray-grass anglais albion fourragères Cérience

The expert hub of Saint-Maurice-Etusson has a hundred vegetable showcases on the theme of fodder crops. On the 17th of June, many actors in the field of fodder crops, farmers, distributors or seeders/breeders. It was around 3 workshops:

The grass plants: the objective was to introduce our varietal selection programs with perennial grasses: English ray-grass, tall fescue, dactylis. A focus was conducted on the selection parameters related to climate change and in particular the resistance to water stress for English ray-grass.

The fodders mix: this workshop focused on the importance of intraspecific diversity in long-term mixes. We have presented our test results. They show the chosen incorporation of several varieties of the same species into a mix is a lever to improve the protein content and regularity of mix to face of climatic hazards.

The alfalfa:  our equips have introduced our varietal selection and our solution for seeds such as the SAS Gold, which implantation is optimised thanks to the preinoculation. Finally, several technical points were discussed on how to conduct this protein-rich culture attracting more and more livestock.

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